the lion king musical london review

creative team a perfect jumping off point as Lebo M, Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer introduce new material that. It's been fifteen years almost to the week that I first saw Disney's. Such was the case last night with The, lion, king. The ingenuity however comes from scenes such as "The Lioness Hunt" and "One By One" that bring a fresh authenticity to the score and showcase a universally talented, athletic and agile ensemble. Based on the 1994 animated film, one of the last in the period of the 'Disney Renaissance the heart-warming tale follows the lion cub Simba as he learns to take his place in the great "circle of life" following the murder of his father Mufassa. Musical Director Daniel Bowling keeps this production tight musically. Shaun Escoffery plays Mufasa, regal and commanding, he makes Mufasa both. There are wonderful African elements, all manner of classical references and you could even be forgiven for seeing a bit of Shakespeares Hamlet in the mix.

The natural response is to watch the puppeteer but its a sign of his skill that all eyes are on the bird not the man. All good baddies need henchmen and Joanna Francis (Shenzi David Blake (Banzai) and Mduduzi Mkhethi (Ed) are a great trio of nasty Hyenas. Musically, Tim Rice and Elton Johns original songs set the tone for a magical evening in the theatre. Surely, that is the magic of The Lion King. Running for 15 years is a feat unto itself, but just consider this.

Its a treat sometimes to go back and take another look at a show as a paying customer many years after the shine of the opening has worn off. The Phantom Of The Opera has been running for the past 30 years. Working for a website like m we get to see a lot of shows when they first open. The, lion, king, lyceum Theatre, London 5 Stars, book Now, more Info. The, lion, king, tickets are now on sale. I first saw the, london production back in 1999, so it was great to catch up with what has become a theatrical phenomena. I don't think even Disney could have predicted that sixteen years later the show would still. With perfect comic timing, its apparent they arent the smartest of comrades but with friendship and loyalty they become two of Simbas greatest teachers. King of the West End for many years to come.